viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Los alumnos de 4ºB de ESO escriben en su blog: School News

En el blog School News:

This month we have had many events. We finished January and started February with the "Peace Day", then, one week later, we had "Operación Bocata" and "Operación Kilo".

Students, parents and teachers waiting for their sandwich.
The first one consists on a meal with just a sandwich and a water bottle. We had to pay 3€ for each sandwich, and that money goes to charity. This year we sold 1200 sandwiches, so we made 3600€.

Children having their snack.
1st and 2nd of Primary didn't participate, but they had their own "Operación Bocata", they paid 1€ and had a snack. They made 150€.

This year we made almost 4000 "kilos".
"Operación Kilo" is also for charity. Everyone can bring a pack of rice, a bottle of oil, and many other things, to take them to the "Food Bank".
This year we made almost 4000 "kilos" of food, twice last year's amount. 

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